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Best Waterproof Watches for Nurses 2020- Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Waterproof Watches for Nurses 2020

8 Best Waterproof Watches for Nurses

Are you a nurse and doesn’t get enough time to surf the internet to see, for the best watches available. Does your hectic job, won’t spare you some time for yourself? Not to worry anymore, here is all the information, you need to know before buying a longlasting waterproof watch. Here we deliver all the related information, keeping in mind the tough profession of nursing, on a single page, letting you compare many options. Below, are all the options available on the Amazon site at the best prices with a secure trading.

1. Speidel Original Scrub Watch

Best Waterproof Watches for Nurses 2020

This waterproof Speidel scrub watch is customizable and available in many other color bands. The dial of the watch is large and elegantly designed for a transparent display. It enables you a quick and effortless viewing, through the detailed time markings. The watch seems to be a suitable option if you want to add a unique look into your dressing sense. This watch also fits a wide range of wrist sizes from 6.7”169mm to 8.3”210mm.

Best for: Nurses, Doctors, and other health care specialists.

  • Stainless steel and Water-resistant up to 30M (99ft.)
  • Comfortable to use
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Very easy to clean
  • Interchangeable bands increase the durability
  • The band color might get fade
  • Might face some battery issues

2. JSPOYOU Brooch Tunic Fob Watch

Best Waterproof Watches for Nurses 2020

Brooch Tunic Fob watch is a compact design pocket watch. This watch mechanism is environmentally friendly. This portable watch is light in weight that can be hooked or clipped onto your pocket with a lockable brooch pin. This waterproof watch has a unique design which allows the user an easy cleanable option and time settings are quite convenient.

Best for: Nurses, Doctors, and other health care specialists.

  • Easy to clean
  • Eco-friendly watch
  • Waterproof and dust resistant
  • Small-sized dial

3. Ultra-Thin Minimalist Waterproof Watch


Best Waterproof Watches for Nurses 2020

The watch is made up of hurdles steel which is scratch-resistant, stainless, and 100% waterproof. The lightweight design of the watch is simple, but unique and attractive. This watch is perfect for students and medical staff, giving them an elegant look. The flexible steel bands of the watch are durable, making the watch a daily wearing accessory.

Best for: Doctors, nurses, and students

  • Waterproof up to 30meters
  • Lightweight and not difficult to carry
  • Stainless, scratch-resistant
  • Relatively expensive

4. Dakota Mini Clip Microlight Watch

Best Waterproof Watches for Nurses 2020

This watch features a hook or a clip that allows you to attach it with your belt loops, backpacks, hand carry, and tote for easy time-telling. The watch has an additional feature of LED flashlight, which is on one time pressing the button. Moreover, luminescent hands enable it to use in dark environments. 

Best for: Doctors, nurses and college students

  • Can Clip onto a belt loop, backpack, messenger bag or tote for quick and easy time telling
  • Led light is very bright and will come in handy at night.
  • Sturdy and well made
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Slow battery drain
  • Small-sized dial
  • Not a wristwatch

5. The Apple Watch 4

Best Waterproof Watches for Nurses 2020

The apple watch series 4’s OLED Retina display of apple watch is crisp and clear. The watch offers a wide range of functions to the users. People using it can contact others via this watch. Nurses can see notifications, read urgent emails, play music, gets the reminder, checks the calendar, measure their heartbeat, and so on.

Best for: People in business, Doctors, and nurses

  • Waterproof up to 50 meters
  • Scratch-resistant and durable
  • Multi-functional with great applications
  • Not the best option for price perspective
  • Can distract people

6. Timex Expedition Uplander Watch

The Watch comes with a range of features and a variety of designs. This masterpiece is highly durable and proves its capabilities in tough situations. Made up of hard and lightweight resin material on the case and strap both. The Indiglo light-up watch dial is waterproof. The date and time settings are easy to set and also allows auto-adjustment as well.

Best for: Doctors, Nurses, and Athletes 

  • Waterproof up to 30meters
  • Easy to carry
  • Durable and reliable
  • In black color only

7. Casio Women’s MQ24-7B3LL Classic Watch

Best Waterproof Watches for Nurses 2020

Casio has crafted a simple analog watch for people, that portraits the person in his workspace. This classic watch is light in weight and has a black resin band. The hour markings in black and clear glass help in viewing time conveniently. This watch is waterproof and lets nurses work comfortably, in any environment. The firm grip of the watch, on the person’s wrist, enables him to focus on his task and doesn’t create irritation.

Best for: Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, and staff members

  • Waterproof and dust Resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Too simple and basic

8. Swatch Women’s Quartz Rainbow Dial Plastic Watch

Best Waterproof Watches for Nurses 2020

The watch appeals to the people who like themselves to look more attractive. The material used in the making of the watch is 100% pure plastic, which makes it lightweight and durable in hectic situations. The rainbow color dial with white markings of numeric figures inside the dial helps in easy reading of time.

Best for: Nurses and Students

  • Waterproof 30m(99ft)
  • Colorful and attractive
  • lightweight
  • Less flexible

Comparison Table:

WaterproofAvailable in other colorsPrice Range
Speidel Original Scrub WatchYES


YES$40 Mid-range
JSPOYOU Brooch Tunic Fob WatchYESYES$3.00 Low-range
Ultra-Thin Minimalist Waterproof WatchYES


NO$50 Mid-range
Dakota Mini Clip Microlight WatchYES 


YES$42.50 Mid-range
The Apple WatchYES


YES$349.99 High-range
Timex Expedition Uplander WatchYES


NO$49.95 Mid-range
Casio Women’s MQ24-7B3LL Classic WatchYESNO$13.02 Low-range
Swatch Women’s Quartz Rainbow Dial Plastic WatchYESNO$47.58 Mid-range

Final Thoughts

A wide variety of waterproof watches with different designs, models, and colors are available in the market. But, we have shortlisted above some of the best watches available for you. Purchasing a medical watch requires you to consider the following significant factors price, design, watch display, and comfort. Nurses in hospitals and other medical centers need to be punctual on time as each of them needs a good watch for keeping them efficient on duty. Watch being waterproof is yet another requirement of nurses. As they need to wash their hands several times a day and taking off the watch each time is a miserable task to do.

Buyer’s Guide: Waterproof Watches for Nurses


While choosing the best medical watch according to your needs and preferences, it would require you to determine which features are most important that you would like to see in your watch.

Track of time

A great medical watch is the one, which allows you to keep track of the tasks assigned to you and completing them on time.


The watch should be lightweight, with a simple dial letting you see the time most efficiently and conveniently.

Easy to carry

Easy to carry around is another feature that you must consider. As the job description of a nurse carries many parallel tasks and so in such cases, the watch with a timer or reminder option, is the best recommendation.

Digital or classic watch, which one do you prefer? 

Another query to be answered is that, whether you need a digital watch or a classic analog watch? If it’s a digital one, then would you prefer to have a 12hour or a 24hour clock time setting?

Size of the dial

It is your preference to have large or regular size figures. If you have a perfect vision than you might be comfortable with the small or regular numbers. But, if you have weak eyesight then, you would prefer a watch face with large figures for quick observation and decision making based on it.

Background color 

The watch’s background color and the color of watch hands play a significant part in making the medical watch perfect for nurses. Like a black background, would go perfectly with the large white color hands but, if the watch hands would be black too, then it would make it difficult for you in time viewing.

Illuminated dial

A watch with a glowing or illuminated face is the most preferred watch. This helps you with working comfortably and adjusting in darker environments, where usually it gets hard to keep a check on time


The material of the watch should be germs free, maintaining a healthy environment for patients. While purchasing a watch must check its design that can be easily cleaned and would not harm the skin of your hands, which might happen if the watchband is made up of metal.

Quality of leather 

While purchasing a resin or similar material watch, then you must confirm the quality of the leather or the fabric used. A low-quality fabric won’t allow you to keep your watch germs free and would get torn after little time of use.

Type of watch 

The type of watch is another factor to be considered before buying a new watch. If you have a habit of a wristwatch, then a pocket or a clip watch won’t work for you.

Watches for Nurses 

For nurses, wristwatches are the most suitable type. Especially for those who don’t want to waste their precious time and don’t want to attach a watch to their clothing or wear one around their neck.


Wristwatches are well-known for their ability to be always accessible at a glance, are extremely lightweight, and are hard to lose.


The best watch is that which doesn’t intervene in your comfort zone while also helping you with the work.


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