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Best Polar Watch for Swimming 2020- Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Swimming individually or even as a team is a great form of physical activity. It builds the muscles, improves endurance, and is even considered as an effective way to relieve stress. In fact, fitness experts also say that it is one of the best cardiovascular exercises to try.

Those who swim for leisure may not find it a problem, but for those who would like to track their progress at the pool, doing so without a coach or a friend nearby is a challenge. How else can you record your speed or your pacing?

The good news is, you don’t have to hire a coach or pester a friend to go with you to the gym. There are plenty of smartwatches out in the market today that can help you track your progress while submerged underwater in the pool.

Below are our favorite Polar watches for swimming:

7 Best Polar Watch for Swimming

#1 Polar Vantage V Titan

Best Polar Watch for Swimming 2020

Did you know that the Polar Vantage V Titan is the world’s first-ever watch with wrist-based running power? If you’ve been searching for fitness trackers for quite some time, then you might have noticed that other options require additional foot pods or other similar accessories to track your activities – but not for the Polar Vantage V Titan.

Everything you need is on your wrist. 

This watch is made with premium-quality titanium, making it not just one of the most durable watches in the market but also one of the lightest. To complement the sleek and elegant look of the Vantage V Titan, textured two-color wristband was added for a bit of a rugged look – perfect for all kinds of sports and especially in the pool, thanks to its waterproof qualities.

Our favorite feature is the Vantage V Titan’s Precision Prime Sensor Fusion Technology which is Polar’s fancy way of saying that this watch is accurate and smart. It has a precision like no other watch in the market; not only does it offer super-accurate heart monitoring, but it can also track activities of over 130+ sports – and yes, that includes swimming. So now you don’t have to keep guessing how much work you’ve done for different types of sports activities.

  • Provides accurate readings of over 130 types of sports activities
  • Has ultra-long battery life; lasts up to 40 hours with GPS and HRM
  • Comes with the ability to track rest and advise tips for recovery
  • Does not have the best backlight controls
  • Lacks features that other watches within the same price range have
  • Faulty HR sensor that may result in inaccurate tracking

#2 Polar Vantage M

We recommend the Polar Vantage M for the stylish swimmer. Most sports watches these days come in a standard-looking minimalist style. While a lot of people are fans of the clean and polished look, there isn’t enough room for individuality and personalization.

Thankfully, the Polar Vantage M Watch is all about being unique. It comes with customizable fitness band options in multiple colors so not only does it fit perfectly, but it also comes in a color that represents you. However, the list of features does not end there…

The Polar Vantage M is also a great option for swimmers who like to keep it simple. Many other watches come with complicated bits and bobs, but this one offers only what it does best. The Vantage M has cutting edge heart rate accuracy, thanks to its precision technology that combines the latest bio-impedance electrodes and optical sensors.

Accompanying its heart rate monitor is Polar’s Training Load Pro. This system separates cardio load, muscle load, and perceived load, giving users a detailed look at how effective their training is for their progress. Additionally, the Polar Vantage M also has Swim Functionality which is perfect if you are looking for a watch to wear while at the pool.

  • Sports a simple and neat design, perfect for casual wear
  • Comes with advanced heart rate monitoring
  • Designed for swimmers; comes with a Swim Function
  • Large design; too bulky for women or users with smaller wrists
  • HR measurements are often inaccurate
  • Light switches off automatically; constantly needs to be turned on

#3 Polar Ignite Advanced Waterproof Fitness

Best Polar Watch for Swimming 2020

The Polar Ignite is a great watch to take if you are going to be swimming outdoors primarily because it has an integrated GPS system that tracks your distance, speed, and route. But that’s not the only reason why you should consider getting this watch. We recommend the Polar Ignite for those who do not just want to track their physical activity, but also their resting time as well.

As you know, staying fit and healthy isn’t just about diet and regular exercise. To see the best results, you need to take some time off and allow your body to recover from rigorous training. The same principles apply when you swim as a workout and this is exactly what the Polar Ignite is aiming to teach.

There are so many watches to choose from the Polar catalog, but there is only a handful that prioritizes recovery from physical activities. Our favorite feature on this watch is its Nightly Recharge program. This system measures your recovery every night so it can help you make smarter exercise decisions the next day. The Polar Ignite also comes with an advanced sleep tracker that should help you reflect and improve on your sleeping habits.

Make no mistake, however, as this watch isn’t just all about rest and recovery – it does a pretty great job at tracking your physical activities as well. Not only does this watch include Polar’s signature Precision Heart Rate technology, but it also comes with a daily training guide. Think of the Polar Fit Spark Daily Training Guide as your very own mini virtual coach; it tailors your daily workouts to help you reach your fitness goals.

  • Has an amazing GPS system
  • Focuses not only on physical activity but also on the recovery
  • Comes with a handy training guide
  • Erratic calorie tracking due to interferences from other programs
  • Limited face design; not ideal for users with smaller wrists

#4 Polar M400 GPS Smart Sports Watch

Best Polar Watch for Swimming 2020

When it comes to durability, the Polar M400 takes the center stage. This watch may not have all the latest fitness apps and programs, but it’s a watch that is built to last longer than most of the other options. The Polar M4000 is recommended for swimmers who love to challenge themselves in the great outdoors. Whether you’re in the pool, at sea, or trekking up the mountain, this watch has all the basics that you need.

First of all, the Polar M4000 has built-in GPS which records your pace, distance, and altitude – perfect for those who love to hike other than swimming. As a watch for swimmers, on the other hand, this watch measures your activities 24/7. It records everything from your steps and distances, down to the calories you’ve burned and even the quality of your sleep.

If you want to take it up a notch, the Polar M4000 is also compatible with the H7 Heart Rate sensor – another gadget that can help you accurately decide the intensity of your training with target heart rate zones. Plus, it’s not a smartwatch without the ability to plan, sync, and share your fitness plans with others across different devices. To do so, users can download and use the Polar Flow app to make exercise more sociable and fun.

  • Extra durable, great for taking outdoors
  • Has a reliable built-in GPS system
  • Compatible with the H7 Heart Sensor for more accurate monitoring
  • Recurring software issues; has problems with syncing
  • The quality of the USB cable needs improvement
  • Difficult to pair with a smartphone

#5 Polar A360 Fitness Tracker

Best Polar Watch for Swimming 2020

At first glance, the Polar A360 may not look like much – especially if you place it right next to a bigger and bulkier sports watch. But don’t be fooled by its size, this watch is packed with useful features that can surely assist you with your fitness goals.

The Polar A360 is slim and elegant, making it a viable option for female athletes. The waterproof wristband isn’t just for keeping the watch fit and secure around the wrists, but it also serves as a great accessory. The wristbands are actually interchangeable and they also come in many colors – perfect for those who would like to mix and match their watch to their outfit of the day. And if that isn’t attractive enough, the A360 also has a bright and colorful touchscreen that really brings out the youthfulness of the watch.

But of course, the Polar A360 isn’t just all about appearances; it offers accurate wrist-based heart rate monitoring and personalized training assistance. It also tracks everything from your workouts to the number of calories you’ve burned 24/7, which also means that it tracks down the quality of your sleep as well.

  • Has a slim and elegant design – great for women
  • Easily customizable and offers a wide variety of colors
  • Reliable 24/7 fitness tracking
  • The backlight is not very bright
  • Loses battery faster than most watches
  • Straps are not very durable – not ideal for rigorous sports

#6 Polar V800 GPS Sports Watch

Best Polar Watch for Swimming 2020

First thing’s first, the Polar V800 was designed specifically for runners and cyclists. It’s often thought to be the perfect watch for triathlons especially with the many compatible apps, sensors, and other third-party power meters. However, we also think that this watch makes a great option for swimmers as well.

The Polar V800 is an advanced training watch that works wonderfully with different types of sports – swimming included. If you want to take this fitness tracker to the next level, you can also make an additional purchase and get the Polar H7 heart rate sensor. This little gadget delivers extra accurate readings of your heart rate even while you’re swimming.

Lastly, we think that this watch is also great for swimmers who are also interested in other types of sports. The Polar V800 comes with a built-in GPS tracker that measures your speed, distance, and route – perfect for cyclists, runners, and even hikers as well.

  • Great for multiple types of sports
  • Sports a simple and straightforward design
  • Compatible with many apps and other gadgets
  • Not the most durable option
  • Oftentimes unresponsive
  • The HR monitor is oftentimes erratic

#7 Polar M430 GPS Watch

Best Polar Watch for Swimming 2020

The Polar M430 is another watch that was designed for runners. But again, that does not mean swimmers can’t take advantage of its features. We highly suggest this watch for swimmers that want a simple, no-frills GPS watch. It has all the essentials without the complicated bells and whistles, which is great for those who want to focus on their fitness progress alone.

Like most Polar watches, the M430 has a wrist-based heart rate monitor; no need for additional sensors or other similar gadgets. This watch monitors your activity as well as your sleep 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It also comes with an integrated GPS system so you can take this watch with you when you travel or explore the great outdoors. And similar to other watches in the Polar catalog, the M430 also has the Polar Running Program that helps you tailor your running routines for better results.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Has an integrated GPS system
  • Tracks your activity and sleep quality 24/7
  • Excellent battery life
  • Complicated initial set-up
  • Frequent syncing errors

Buyer’s Guide: Smartwatch for Swimming

Choosing the best Polar watch for swimming is a tough endeavor, especially with the countless viable options available. Those who are familiar with sports watches may agree that Polar is one of the best producers of fitness trackers. But with its extensive catalog, it’s almost impossible to choose just one watch.

Sadly, not all of us have the luxury of purchasing multiple watches at once. Most of us need to bet our money on a single option, hoping that it exceeds our expectations. But purchasing a watch shouldn’t feel like gambling and betting on the losing side. To help you with your shopping decisions, we have compiled a list of questions you need to ask yourself before buying a Polar watch for swimming.

Questions To Ask Before Buying A Polar Watch For Swimming


Asking yourself why you are buying a watch may be a silly thing to do. After all, you probably already know the answer, which is why you are currently looking for options. But we invite you to rethink your answer and make a list of your priorities instead. With so many additional features out there, it’s easy to get lost and forget what you really need in a watch. A list of priorities can help you get back on track and choose the right Polar watch for you.


If you’re reading this article, then we assume that you are interested in getting a watch for swimming. But that information isn’t enough to find the perfect watch. Perhaps you’re looking to use the watch for tracking fitness, or maybe you’re searching for a smartwatch with GPS technology. Before everything else, determine your watch’s purpose and go from there. The last thing you want to do is to splurge on features you don’t really need after all.


Of course, if you are buying a watch for swimming, then it must be waterproof. A lot of people tend to mistake water-resistance to waterproof qualities. Water-resistant watches are not 100% impervious to water which means there is a risk for water damage while using it in the pool.


Last but not least, prioritize style. Sizing can be tricky for smartwatches, especially if you have smaller wrists. More often than not, modern watches come in bigger screens to accommodate all the features they offer. But sadly, they are not very fitting and flattering to people with smaller hands and wrists. Instead, find a design that suits not just your personality but your size as well.

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