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Best Garmin Watches for Surfing 2020- Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

best Garmin smart watches for surfing

People in sports and athletes, use different types of gears during their practice and fitness sessions. Amongst them, watches are one of the main accessories that each of them finds essential and helpful while training. Well, most companies make sports watches, but most of them are quite expensive that even not equipped with all the bars. Garmin Ltd. is a US-based company. It has launched many different series with a wide range of watches. Each batch has its unique models of watches keeping the needs and preferences of athletes in mind. While, each variant of the watch, has a different color and a unique design.

7 Best Garmin Watches for Surfing

1. Garmin vívoactive 3

Best Garmin Watches for Surfing

This watch is available in many other color variants and customizable watch faces. The battery life of the watch is up to 7hours in smartwatch mode and 13hours in GPS mode. This multi-functional watch enables you to use GPS and allow the usage of more than 15 sports apps. The watch strap is made up of silicon and is 20mm long. This watch keeps an eye on your fitness level and maintains a record of your stress level.

Best for: Surfers and swimmers

  • Stainless steel and Waterproof (5 ATM)
  • Sunlight-visible display
  • Comes with 8 different sensors and many android apps pre-installed
  • Options like offline music and Verizon connectivity are not available 

2. Garmin Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch

This watch is evidence of the capabilities of high-tech watches with GPS, built-in 3-axis compass, heart rate monitoring sensor, and barometric altimeter. Available in many other unique colors. The display size of the watch is 23 x 23 mm with a crisp and clear display. This 52g weight device holds up the storage space of 16MB. Allows Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices 

Best for: Surfers, swimmers and for gym goers

  • Water-resistant and waterproof (10 ATM)
  • 16hours of battery life while in GPS mode
  • Daily use applications like calendar, alarm clock, and stopwatch
  • The glass is not corning gorilla glass

3. Garmin VivoActive 4S

The 1.1″ display lens of the watch is corning gorilla glass 3, which is scratch-resistant. Along with its stainless steel bezels and the strap of silicon material, the watch has 18mm thick quick release bands. On smartwatch mode, the battery can survive up to 7hours while it works for 5hours when on GPS mode with music storage of 500 records. iPhone and Android devices both have compatibility with this watch.

Best for: Surfers, swimmers, and runners

  • Waterproof watch (5 ATM)
  • Lightweight and not difficult to carry
  • Stainless and scratch-resistant
  • Battery life is too short

4. Garmin Fenix 6 Pro

The display lens is scratch-resistant with corning gorilla glass DX. While, the bezels are made up of stainless steel, titanium, or DLC coated steel. Along with this, the straps are also available in 4 different materials silicone, leather, titanium, or nylon as per your preference. The size of the watch is 47 x 47 x 14.7 mm with a sunlight-visible display diameter of 1.3”.

Best for: Surfers, swimmers, and fitness experts

  • Waterproof up to (10 ATM)
  • Slow battery drain and of 36hours life in GPS mode
  • The storage capacity of 32GB
  • Comparatively heavier (83g steel and 72g titanium)

5. Garmin Quatix 5

This aqua blue color watch is one of the successful inventions of Garmin Ltd. Wrist-based heart rate monitor allows you a safe and secure surfing environment. The body and strap are made up of stainless steel, while the strap is also available in silicon material. The display is sunlight-visible, in 1.2-inches diameter size. All the essential clock features, 8 types of sensors, and applications of daily use are pre-installed in it.

Best for: swimmers, surfers, and sailors

  • Waterproof up to (10 ATM)
  • Scratch-resistant and durable battery timing
  • 64Mb storage space available
  • The watch with steel strap is of 156g

6. Garmin Decent Mk1

The display lens is made up of extremely durable sapphire crystal. Additionally, it has a stainless steel body with a silicone strap. The 1.2” display is sunlight-visible, with 240 x 240-pixel resolution. Allover weight of the watch is 101g, and the memory storage is around 16Gb. This watch is a GPS dive computer in a sleek watch-style design. It comes with built-in sensors like a 3-axis compass, gyroscope, and barometric altimeter. It also features the wrist heart rate monitor with smart notifications.

Best for: Divers, Swimmers, and surfers

  • Waterproof up to 100meters (Designed to comply with EN13319)
  • Bluetooth connectivity and wifi enable
  • Help you track your location in the sea
  • Music storage not available
  • Available in black color only

7. Garmin Fenix 5S Plus

Fenix 5S Plus comes with stainless steel bezels and a sapphire crystal glass lens with the sunlight-readable display. This multi-sports GPS smartwatch also has the sensors to monitor the heart rate at the wrist. Moreover, it includes color TOPO maps, featuring Trendline popularity routing to help you find and follow the best paths. 1000 songs storage capacity, with Bluetooth headphone connection, for a phone-free listening experience.

Best for: Swimmers, surfers, sailors, and divers

  • Waterproof up to (10 ATM)
  • Lightweight watch of only 65g
  • Memory space of 16Gb available
  • Small in size (42 x 42 x 15.4 mm)

Comparison Table:

Waterproof/ Water ratingAvailable in other colorsPrice Range
Garmin Vivoactive 3YES


YES$269.99 low-range
Garmin InstinctYES

10 ATM

YES$299.99 Low-range
Garmin Vivoactive 4SYES


YES$379.99 low-range
Garmin Fenix 6 ProYES

10 ATM

NO$699.99 Mid-range
Garmin Quatix 5YES

10 ATM

NO$549.99 mid-range
Garmin Decent Mk1YES


NO$1499.99 high-range
Garmin Fenix 5S PlusYES

10 ATM

YES$749.99 mid-range

Final Thoughts

We have shortlisted above, some of Garmin’s watches best for surfing, available on Amazon. If you are a surfer and want to purchase a Garmin waterproof watch, for your athletic activities, you must need to consider the following factor price, design, watch display, and comfort. Surfers during surfing must need to keep an eye on the air pressure and their stress level, along with the heart rate. A good sports watch, which maintains your surfing experience safe, should have all the sensors including GPS, 3-axis compass, and so on.

Buyer’s Guide: Smart Watches for Surfing


While choosing the best surfing watch, it would require you to determine which features, applications, and what would be the material of watch are the most important that you would like to check before making a final decision.


The watch should be lightweight, or according to the material used in it. If the weight of the watch, would be more, then it might work as an obstruction during surfing.

Size of the watch and strap

A regular-sized sports watch is always more preferred, compared to the larger ones. This is because regular-sized watches are easy to carry around, are lightweight, and get fit into most of the people’s wrists.

Color of the Watch 

The color of the watch must be according to the surfboard. Or it should be a reflection of your personality and so choosing a color is a critical choice to make.

Display Lens

A watch, with Corning Gorilla Glass or Sapphire crystal glass, is the most preferred. This helps you, with working comfortably. While surfing, you would be relaxed, knowing that your watch lens is so hard and durable that it would easily manage to survive in such small tides or if it gets hit by any rock.


The material of the watch should be scratch-resistant, and more durable so that a smooth check can be maintained on the notifications while surfing. A Garmin watch could be of stainless steel, metal, or titanium. The watch, which is made up of titanium, is the heaviest one.

Quality of leather 

If the material used in the making of the watch strap is silicone or leather, then you must confirm the quality of the leather or the fabric used. A low-quality fabric won’t be comfortable or your skin and might get allergic to it.

Watches for surfing

While surfing, get notified about the weather and climate, on the wristwatches are the most suitable type of technology, you can use. Moreover, the installed android applications help in being updated from time to time. Also, it might be a difficult task to carry a stopwatch, a compass, and a GPS tracker along with you, while surfing but carrying a watch on your wrist might be the most easier task you can do.


Wristwatches are well-known for their ability to be always accessible at a glance, are extremely lightweight, and are hard to lose.


The best watch is that it doesn’t intervene in your comfort zone while surfing, helping you with the surf done more safely.


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