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Best FITBIT Watch for Ladies in 2020- Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best FITBIT Watch for Ladies 2020

The technology has taken the world by storm. For every basic need, there are a lot of innovations available in the market depending on your requirements. Similarly, your fitness monitoring has now been given in the palm of your hand, you are just literally a touch away to see everything related to your fitness. The gadgets which are used for this purpose are called smartwatches. Moreover, women are more concerned about their fitness.

After observing the importance of these a lot of leading tech. giants have shown great interest in this innovation. However, most of these watches are gender-neutral. But there are some of these devices which lean towards one gender more than others. For your convenience, we have gathered some information about FITBIT smartwatches for ladies.

Below are listed some of the best Fitbit watches for ladies who always want to stay one step ahead of their fitness standards.

8 Best FITBIT Watch for Ladies

1. Fitbit Versa Lite Edition

It is known as one of the most pocket-friendly watches available in the market. This watch is perfect for people having a limited budget. It comes with a heart rate detector, four days running battery. This watch does not have a built-in GPS. However, you can connect your smartphone to avail this feature. It has an extremely lightweight aluminum-based design for a compact look and moderate water resistance. One of the most appealing aspects is its female health tracking feature which can help you keep track of your periods etc.

Best for health-conscious ladies, joggers

  • A long-running battery life with this price tag
  • The lightweight design of this watch makes it easier to carry
  • High resolution and sunlight-visible display
  • It does not come with a lot of features
  • No built-in GPS present

2. Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker

This watch is packed with more than 15 features like biking, running, heart rate tracking and much more. This watch comes with a very slim design and looks very delicate on your wrist. It can also be used to receive smartphone notifications. Unlike its predecessor, this watch has fairly high water resistance for all your water-based activities. This watch is considered one of the best Fitbit watches for ladies who want to remain one step ahead in their fitness game.

 BEST FOR People with small wrists, Athletes

  • This watch has a fairly high water resistance
  • It has wireless connectivity available e.g. Bluetooth
  • This watch has a comparatively larger screen than it’s predecessors
  • 7 days of battery life
  • No built-in GPS present.
  • Only two colors available

3. Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

It is a classic watch for keeping track of your daily activities. This watch is an excellent gadget where you can keep track of jogging, running, swimming, etc.

This watch has also a special feature for ladies where they can log their periods and other female symptoms. You can use your iPhone, Android, or Windows device to this watch and receive all your basic notifications at ease.

BEST FOR Female athletes, Fitness conscious people

  • A low price tag compared to its competitors
  • This watch has a lightweight aluminum body
  • You can receive smartphone notifications through this device
  • The design of the watch is not good
  • No built-in GPS

4. Fitbit Ionic Watch

With a built-in GPS and onboard storage of around 2.5 GB, this watch can be a great choice for those who want a higher level of performance. You can store and listen to more than 300 songs through this device.

This watch is also protected through corning gorilla glass 3 for a sturdy experience. You can also make purchases of several items through the NFC chip present in this watch.

 BEST FOR Runners, Trekkers

  • This watch has 2.5 GB internal storage
  • It is water-resistant up to 50 meters
  • It also has wireless connectivity e.g. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • It has a built-in GPS
  • This watch has a high-quality display
  • It has four colors available
  • Inferior looking design
  • In some cases, lagging has also been reported
  • Very expensive as compared to other competitors in the market

5. Fitbit Inspire HR

This smartwatch is one of the most attractive devices available having a premium look on the outside and a high-resolution display for even better performance. This watch automatically shifts to whatever exercise you are doing, if you are running, jogging, walking, resting, etc.

It will record data accordingly. It can also be connected to your smartphone GPS for extra features. At this price range, it is one of the best Fitbit watches for ladies available in the market.

 BEST FOR Sportsman, Athletes, Fitness enthusiasts

  • One of the most affordable smartwatch with these features
  • A very long-running battery around 5 days
  • Very lightweight and good looking design
  • It also has a feature to analyze your sleeping patterns
  • No built-in GPS present
  • Water-based activities feature unavailable

6. Fitbit Versa 2

A much-improved design as compared to its predecessor and tons of features make this watch one of the most selling Fitbit watch for ladies. One of the groundbreaking features is built-in Amazon Alexa. This feature lets you control your device with the help of your voice. It also has an always-on display option. However it does not have built-in GPS, so you have to keep your smartphone together for all the location-based exercises. You can also receive smartphone notifications through this watch.

BEST FOR Health enthusiasts, Athletes 

  • Better design than Fitbit Versa
  • You can play and store around 300 songs, moreover, you can access Spotify through this device
  • A long-running battery
  • No built-in GPS
  • Spotify is unavailable when offline

7. Fitbit Inspire

This pocket-friendly watch is best for those who want to track their sports and are also low on cash. It has all the basic features to get you through the day. A very long-running battery ensures you are never behind. Waterproof design for all your water-based activities is also present. It has a sleek and weightless design which feels very good to wear. You can also receive all the social media notifications with the help of this watch. The design of this watch makes it very easy to use.

 BEST FOR Budget short people, Athletes

  • An extremely low priced watch.
  • It feels good to wear
  • This watch has very limited features
  • It has no GPS feature
  • Heart rate monitor is also unavailable in this watch

8. Fitbit Alta HR

With seven days running battery and an extremely slim design, this watch covers all the basic features of a smartwatch. It can track your sleep time, your running and your heartbeat by itself. You can also receive text messages and other basic smartphone notifications through this device.

However, this watch is not waterproof so you cannot use it or your water-based activities and there is no GPS present as well. Despite that, it covers all the major features in this price range.

 BEST FOR Athletes, Everyday wear

  • A very slim design
  • Large battery backup
  • No GPS present in this watch
  • This watch is not water-resistant
  • The display is slightly difficult to read in the sunlight

Best FITBIT Watch for Ladies Comparison Table

 Battery LifeWaterproofGPSHeart Rate Tracker
Fitbit Versa Lite Edition4 daysYESYES, through phoneYES
Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker5 daysYESYES, through phoneYES
Fitbit Versa Smart Watch



4 daysYESYES, through phoneYES
Fitbit Ionic Watch3 daysYESYESYES
Fitbit Inspire HR



5 daysYESYES, through phoneYES
Fitbit Versa 2



5 daysYESYES, through phoneYES
Fitbit Inspire5 daysYESNONO
Fitbit Alta HR7 daysNONOYES


Comprehensive details of the best Fitbit watch for ladies have been discussed above. All the watches are unique in their style and are made to fulfill all your fitness requirements. The technology is progressing day by day and we are observing new models are replacing the older ones and providing even better performance than their predecessors. The primary goal of these watches is merely providing a better look at your fitness performance. The sales of these watches are sky high which shows female interest in fitness.

However, these watches suit more to ladies but among ladies, some prefer different kinds of watches and some of them like different. It is completely dependent on personal choice. Differences between different types of watches have been discussed in detail. Before purchasing any product. It is suggested to read this article thoroughly to help you get what fits you best.

Buying guide

How to find the best Fitbit watch for ladies? 

When you are investing in a huge deal like Fitbit watches, you need to do some research. When you are a woman, you need to find and look for features, and opinions. So, here is how you will look for the best Fitbit watch for ladies.

When you are a woman you need to look for various things. Here is what you need to look for.


The functionality and the use of the Fitbit watch have to be high. If you are looking for the watch, you need it to be high in functionality. The watches often work just fine, and the functionality and features are not the best. So, you need to be sure that it works fine and incredibly well for a long time.


There are a lot of features in Fitbit watches. Make sure when you are looking for the Fitbit watch, you need a watch that has the best features. If you want a Fitbit watch, try to decide based on the needs of you. Try not to buy a Fitbit watch that has limited features, but the ones that work for you, and provide you the best use of it.


You also need to pick the display of the particular Fitbit to watch you are picking. It can be an always-ON display. There are different types of displays available. You can pick the one that suits you in the best way. Make sure you learn the features and the display set before you get one.


The material and quality also play an important role. Find out the Fitbit watch that has the quality to last forever, and the material that is not low quality.


When you are a lady, you need to find a watch that has the best style and suits you. There are a lot of different styles and designs. Make sure you pick the Fitbit watch that fits the best for you. There are a lot of features, designs, and styles that may not be the best for So, run your research quite deep into how the particular styles and design suits you.


Price is one of the important features. When you reinvesting in the best Fitbit watch for ladies, you need to be sure that it is worth it. So, you need to create a budget. When you are in the market, you will have a lot of options for the Fitbit watches Make sure you pick one that is in your budget. So, you do not end up wasting any money. The price factors are there in a lot of watches. Moreover, many Fitbit watches are specially made to meet the needs of the customers who are looking for budget options.


When you finally decide on the model you want to get, make sure to read reviews. If you are placing the order on Amazon, make sure to read the reviews that are available by the customers. It will save you from any possible mishap, and any unlikely condition.

The reviews are from the customers that use the product. It can help and save you from wasting your money on any unworthy product.

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